App, Mobile & User Experience Design

Delight your customers


Your digital product needs to walk the talk of your marketing whilst feeling like a natural extension of your brand.

You sell digital products, we spend a lot of time designing them. These days the bar is set pretty high and your product needs to do more than just solve a problem — customers need to enjoy using it. That's where we come in. We take complex products and make them simple to use, great to look at, and a natural extension of your brand.

What we do
  • Strategy & UX

    We host workshops and interviews to quickly understand what your product needs to do and the best way to make that happen. The output is a set of insights, key user journeys and a rock-solid product design roadmap.

  • Wireframes

    We combine your strategy with our knowledge of UI/UX best practices to produce a series of clean, intuitive structures for every screen. Then, we load them all into a web mockup for your team to test out.

  • Product Design

    We mix bold ideas with familiar visual cues to design your entire application, along with a handy component library that your team can reference at any time to keep everything looking and feeling consistent.

  • Prototyping

    We build the front end of your product along with a complete library of CSS elements to ensure a perfect transition from original design to final product. Then, we guide your team through the implementation.

Our Process
  • Stage 01

    Research & User Journeys

    We start with a series of strategy sessions and interviews designed to help everyone understand the objectives, and establish a shared vision for the project. Then, we conduct a thorough analysis of your current product, feature roadmap and competitors' products.

    • User Analysis
    • Key User Journey
    • Product Design Roadmap
  • Stage 02


    We design high-fidelity wireframes of every screen, enabling us to quickly gather feedback. This stage usually involves 2-3 rounds of feedback and revision, and aims to finalise the user experience.

    • High-Fidelity Wireframes
    • Web Mockup
    • Sketch
    • Invision
  • Stage 03

    Full Designs

    We produce the final screen designs in Sketch. These are uploaded to InVision, where your broader team —and often, a select group of your customers— can beta test your new product interface and provide feedback. This stage usually involves 1-3 rounds of feedback and revision.

    • Final Product Design
    • Web Mockup
    • Visual Component Library
    • Sketch
    • Adobe Photoshop Cc
    • Adobe Illustrator Cc
    • Invision
  • Stage 04


    To ensure all designs are perfectly translated into your developed product, we develop the front-end of each screen, along with a comprehensive SASS library containing every CSS property. Our team then work closely with your developers to ensure all aspects of implementation go smoothly.

    • Front-End Development
    • Implementation Guidance
    • Html5
    • Css3
    • Php
    • Sass
  • Stage 05


    Once your new interface has been released, we work with your team to collect and interpret customer feedback and quantitative data, forming a hypothesis of potential areas for improvement. Our team then begin an expedited design and implementation phase structured to deliver interface changes into your live product as quickly as possible.

What's next?