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Brring Mobile

When we met Founder and CEO Leon, Brring had an impressive MVP and team of investors. We worked with them to understand the conference calling space, identify a series of marketing opportunities and build the entire Brring brand, website and product interface from the ground up.

The Brand

Looking good

Brring needed to visually separate itself from its conservative competitors, whilst also feeling sleek and professional. We gave it a unique twist on a familiar tech aesthetic, balancing clean typography with a vibrant colour pallet that would stand out everywhere.

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Brring Logo1
Brring Mark

We need to talk

Brring’s site needed to quickly catch visitors' attention and explain how their product is different. Their product gives customers an easy alternative to the troublesome, feature-bloated conference calling tech of today, so we made their website just as simple. And of course, particularly great to use on a phone.


Get to the point

We used AJAX to make page loads quick and seamless, along with live APIs to ensure important call pricing information was always up to date.


“Together has been an asset to our company from the get-go, delivering high-value work every single time. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Leon Roy
CEO, Brring
The Product

Call me back

Brring is all about removing the barriers to conference calling. And with that in mind, we worked closely with the Brring team and a handful of early testers to make key actions —like organising a call— as seamless as possible, whilst also feeling familiar.


Tell me all about it

When the time came to launch, Brring needed to make a big splash in the market. So we worked with them to produce a highly-targeted multi-channel launch and on-boarding campaign designed to attract the right audience and help them get started.

Scope of Work
  • Branding

    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Identity
    • Content & Messaging
    • Marketing Material
  • Website

    • Strategy
    • Copywriting
    • Design
    • Development
  • Product UI/UX

    • Strategy & UX
    • Wireframes
    • Product Design
    • Prototypin
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