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Repositioning a global AdTech leader

Every day and all over the world, brands and agencies use Adstream to manage their creative workflows and send ad content to media outlets like magazines, TV channels, radio stations and video streaming services. 15 years ago they built the world's first TV ad delivery service, but today they do a lot more. We worked side-by-side with their global marketing team to create a brand strategy, identity, website and product interface that would help them tell a bigger story.

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The Brand

Brand new

Adstream works with just about every type of business in the advertising space, from boutique ad agencies to Fortune 500 brands. Our job was to build a versatile new visual identity and brand system capable of resonating with businesses everywhere. Their new look leverages clean aesthetics, punctuated by the occasional splash of vibrant colour.

Adstream Logo1
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The whole story

Adstream needed to build awareness of their latest creative products, whilst clearly explaining how their entire offering fit with their ad delivery service to help customers work smarter and faster. We came up with a clear new information architecture and a set of product visuals that made their story easy to understand.

Speaking your language

Adstream’s new website needed to serve 10's-of-thousands of visitors every month, hailing from every part of the globe. We worked with their local teams to translate the entire site into 7 non-English languages and configured it to automatically recognised each user's location and present everything in their local language.


Getting down to business

With their new brand in place, we worked with their team to roll it out across 37 markets, creating everything from marketing emails and sales material to custom signage tailored to each individual office.

Scope of Work
  • Branding

    • Brand Strategy
    • Brand Identity
    • Content & Messaging
    • Marketing Material
  • Website

    • Strategy
    • Copywriting
    • Design
    • Development
  • Product UI/UX

    • Strategy & UX
    • Wireframes
    • Product Design
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